PubDev Media quickly bridges the gap between digital advertising
media companies and content publishers.

Our Services

Publisher Development and Recruitment

We leverage an internal publisher database of over 15,000 digital web publisher and app developer decision makers across multiple category content channels which help our clients to scale quickly. In addition, our processes consists of strategy/implementation, revenue/monetization forecasting, research, outreach/contact, tracking and on-boarding the ideal web publishers and apps outside of our internal database as well. Our goal is to understand your business model thoroughly and provide valuable input that will help our clients reach their short-term recruitment milestones.

PubDev Media acts as an extension of a digital media company’s publisher development team to help reduce initial operating costs while quickly maximizing profit margin goals and then to transition over to the internal team when the recruitment engagement has concluded. We work with our clients every step of the way.

Content Strategy

Our motto is words sell. The Content Development Strategist will be a key member of your marketing team. Through development of compelling content geared to increasing awareness and visibility, spearheading all written communications efforts to drive targeted audience engagement and inbound traffic to your Web site.

Social Media Strategy and Management

We believe that one of the most effective ways to grow your business and increase brand awareness is by utilizing social media marketing. We specialize in connecting you with your core audience via social platforms. We offer a large variety of social media management packages to provide exposure, traffic, and engagement. We are well versed in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

About Us

PubDev Media is an online publisher development/recruitment, content and social media consultancy firm. Our firm was started by two industry professionals who have built internal publisher ad-networks and branding/content marketing services for several media companies and digital content publishers such as: (Martha’s Circle), Mobile Theory, Technorati Media, Opera Mediaworks, ThoughtLeadr, Monumetric, HCode Media, Live Vote, Ideal Media, and

  • Extensive Knowledge

    With our extensive knowledge in online advertising, display and mobile ad-network development/strategy, outsourced business development, branding and content marketing as well as solid publisher relationships, PubDev Media is able to provide focused, tangible results for our clients.

  • Industry Contacts

    The firm leverages their close publisher relationship contacts to make key introductions and partnerships for our Ad-Tech clients. In addition, we also provide web publishers with content/social media marketing strategy and up-to-date digital advertising news about industry trends that help them navigate the online monetization ecosystem and best practices. This valuable insight helps web publishers make informed decisions so they can grow their business successfully.

  • Smart Strategy

    We bridge the gap between digital media companies and web publishers and app developers to provide a comprehensive service that benefits both parties for long-term growth. Insight, Acquisition and Growth are the corner stones and foundation of PubDev Media.

Our People

Christian Baer
Managing Partner

Christian Baer is a multimillion dollar producer, most noted for recruiting and on-boarding some of the world's top web publishers and app developers as an employee/contractor for several ad-tech giants; Opera Mediaworks, Mobile Theory and Technorati Media. Christian has extensive knowledge in publisher network development and monetization strategy. He has over ten years’ experience in the online advertising industry including managing several teams as a Director of Publisher Development. He began his career working with several digital startups from cost-per-click search engines, performance based consumer loyalty rewards sites and affiliate ad-networks; email direct marketing companies, as well as working with several traditional display, mobile, video and native supply side platforms/networks. Christian also advises ad-tech companies and digital content publishers with strategy and implementation. Having had the opportunity to see the industry evolve over the years has allowed Christian to build a premier rolodex and establish lucrative partnerships.

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